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Hoisting cushions

Hoisting cushions

With the pneumatic lifting bags, you are able to lift heavy loads or apply large amounts of force to an object, for example in order to lift up or push something. Thanks to the lifting bags’ large contact surface and the very low installation height, they are ideally suited as an alternative for hydraulic cylinders on unpaved surfaces or for use under water. Our lifting bags range in capacity from 5.1 to an incredible 68 tonnes with an operating pressure of just 8 bar. The capacity is reduced as the bag fills with air because the contact surface reduces in size; refer to the Lifting capacity/lifting height charts.


  • [16950,16953,16954,16955] suitable for unpaved surfaces thanks to the large contact area
  • [16950,16953,16954,16955] very low installation height
  • [16950,16953,16954,16955] Suitable for a pressure of 8 bar.
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Pneumatic lifting bag, 5.1 t
Code 16950
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capacity (ton) 5,1
construction height (mm) 22
Hoisting height (mm) 150
dimensions (mm) 270 x 270
weight (kg) 2
Pneumatic lifting bag, 10 tonnes
Code 16961
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Pneumatic lifting bag, 20.3 t
Code 16953
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capacity (ton) 20,3
construction height (mm) 25
Hoisting height (mm) 290
dimensions (mm) 508 x 508
weight (kg) 6,7
Pneumatic lifting bag, 32.6 t
Code 16954
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capacity (ton) 32,6
construction height (mm) 25
Hoisting height (mm) 380
dimensions (mm) 658 x 658
weight (kg) 13
Pneumatic lifting bag, 40 tonnes
Code 16962
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Pneumatic lifting bag, 68 t
Code 16955
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capacity (ton) 68
construction height (mm) 25
Hoisting height (mm) 520
dimensions (mm) 908 x 908
weight (kg) 23,5

All prices include 20% VAT and exclude costs for maintenance, fuel, oil, wear and tear, transport, cleaning, accessories and various attachments, any environmental taxes and surcharges for damage waiver and fire/theft schemes.

POA = price on application

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