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Boels is there for everyone who needs professional tools & equipment temporarily. As a private individual, you may, for example, want to hire something for a job that you only do once in a while. We equally like to make things easy for professionals who come to us more often by providing a number of additional services such as hiring-on-account and the Boels Customer Card.

Hire on account 

No more deposit payments, minimising administration.
Opening a Boels account is easy: click here to download the application form with additional information and open your account immediately!

Boels Customer Card

Added convenience and benefits exclusively for independent contractors.
Applying for a Boels Customer Card is easy: click here, fill in the form and follow the instructions. Do you already have an account on this website? Log in first, the information about you that we have on file will be filled in automatically.

The top 5 reasons for hiring from Boels

  1. The newest tools and equipment
  2. Optimal availability
  3. On-site delivery
  4. Delivered ready to use
  5. Custom solutions

Have you never rented anything from Boels? We would like to explain how it works.

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