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Climate Control  

Too hot? Too cold? Too humid? Call Boels Climate Control!

Boels Climate Control is the specialist in professional room cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, humidification and heating.

Boels Climate Control delivers, installs and maintains (temporary) cooling and heating equipment. With this equipment, which includes heaters, air conditioning units, building dryers, humidifiers, ventilation fans and extractor systems, we can offer you a total solution for all your climate problems. Boels Climate also rents out a wide range of accessories, including gas (canisters), fuel (tanks), splitters, air circuits and measuring equipment, all completely tuned to your specific needs. Boels provides quick and flexible solutions so you can continue to focus on your core activities.

We not only supply the right heating for every type of project, but also unburden you completely of all the worries. This includes an expert team of Climate engineers who not only install equipment at the customers (for example, large construction projects), but also completely manage it.

These professional heaters efficiently provide immediate heat to create a pleasant climate or to condition humid rooms/products.

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Heater, diesel, indirect, 385 kW

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Boiler, mobile, 300 kW

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Air conditioning, 50 kW

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Radial fan

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Condensation dryer, 450 l

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Odour neutralisation


Odour neutraliser

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