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Site Accommodation  

Top-quality, comfortable work and break units

In need of temporary accommodation?

Boels Modular Accommodation offers made-to-measure solutions in no time. These could be facilities for a building project or event, but also interim workstations for colleagues. From a single unit to a set-up of three layers and 50 units. It doesn't matter if it is for a few weeks or a few years, everything is possible.
Boels supports the complete project with specialist knowledge. Together with an advisor, for instance, the site and specific needs are discussed beforehand. Moreover, our nationwide coverage ensures the high-quality units can be delivered in no time. For advice with no further obligation, contact us any time.

Design your own temporary accommodation with the Boels Unit configurator

Stacking and linking

The clever stack and link system offers endless possibilities. For example, a unit can be furnished as an office, a performer's dressing room, changing room, storage space, computer room, press box, classroom, first-aid post, cash desk or jury room.

Specialist advice

An experienced Boels specialist provides expert advice based on the needs and preferences of the customer.
A tailor-made offer is then prepared based on the number of work and break rooms that are required. Every customer has a dedicated contact person and always receives a comprehensive offer, including a drawing or floor plan and specified product information.

The benefits

  • The best quality and quick delivery
  • Sophisticated stacking and linking system
  • Safe and ergonomically sound
  • Kitchen facilities, air conditioning and additional sanitary facilities available

Modular system:

The units of Boels have standard dimensions. The length is 3.00 or 6.00 metres, the width is 2.44 or 3.00 metres. The inside height of a standard unit is 2.50 metres, with the Plus units measuring 2.75 metres in height. The system is completely modular. Not only on the inside, but also in combination with other units. To create more space, the outside walls can (partially) be removed. Smaller rooms or passageways can be created by placing additional interior walls. The units can be stacked up to three floors high.
Thanks to this clever system, assembly and disassembly times are kept to a minimum. The power supply can also be wired through as required.
The system's flexibility makes it possible to respond to changing situations immediately. When there is more - or less- need for accommodation, units can easily be added or removed.

Boels Modular Units

With the Unit configurator, customers can quickly and easily design a unit configuration themselves in just five steps. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures the unit configuration meets the customers’ exact wishes within the range of possibilities.

Boels Plus Units

A Boels Plus Unit can be deployed for a period of 1 to 5 years, and even longer. This model has a luxurious finish with excellent insulation. Its added 25-centimetre inside height makes the Plus Unit very well-suited as office space, a classroom, school building, childcare facility, sales promotion area, canteen or bank.

The units can be placed in position up to 3 storeys high and are ready to use on delivery. Customers can determine the level of finishing. Air conditioning, sun blinds, wall and floor and ceiling coverings can all be added. If desired, the unit can even be given a special RAL colour.


Boels Units believes in the importance of sustainability and care for the environment. All units therefore carry the “sustainable” label, without the customer having to compromise on comfort.

The units have a high insulation value, meaning that instead of the 2.5 kW heating capacity, the Boels units can generate a comfortable interior climate at just 2.0 kW. What's more, the unit heats up less quickly in summer, which can save up to 20 kW in cooling power per unit when used five days a week for 8 hours.

Energy savings:

  • Savings of up to 20 kW a week through good insulation
  • LED lighting optional
  • Water-saving taps possible

Energy generation

A solar panel system developed by Boels generates enough energy each year to supply a unit with heating, cooling and lighting.

To feed energy back into the grid, the unit must be connected to the power grid. This will allow the user to also have a guaranteed power supply and a comfortable temperature outside the hours of sunshine. The system has a peak generation power of 2,500 Wp and an average annual yield of around 2,200 kWh per roof.

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